Beauty Tips You Will Not Find Anywhere Else

However, for a beginner, it can be a bit intimidating.How can one learn to use these tools? An eyelash curler is worth the vibrance in your lashes.Many people do not realize how fantastic they can make their eyelashes look. Curling your eyelashes brightens and makes them look bigger. You can even find heated curler which supposedly keep your eyelashes curled for a longer amount of time. Moisturize a little bit before putting on makeup. Your makeup won't look blotchy if you use a moisturizer. This can be a perfect method of making your makeup and keeping you looking fresh. Baking soda is a cheap alternative to helping your hair. Mix a little bit of baking soda and shampoo in your shampoo. Proceed with your hair washing routine. This will restore the shine to your hair. Heat-activated products help protect your hair from damaging heat. Using heated tools daily can damage your hair. Curl your lashes before you apply mascara. This will result in eyelashes that appear longer and the upw

Time For A New Ride? Look At These Auto Buying Tips

Car shopping may seem like a dealer.This guide will teach you great tips on car shopping. It's a good idea to follow this advice so you can get the best deal possible. When buying a car, you must know what you need before you leave the house. How much can you have to spend? How big does your car need to be for the amount of people are you need to transport? How many miles per gallon are you interested in?Do you want a sedan or will two suffice? Make a list of all the qualities you want your car to have. Check online before you start working with a dealership. You really ought to set foot on a dealership when you are sure about the make and model of the car that you intend to purchase. You should look online and research the makes and models that are most suitable for you, which cars have the best safety rating and other information that you cannot get from a dealership.  Figure out your financing before you even look at a car. You can accomplish this with a trip to your bank. You m

Four posing as DB men arrested from Dhaka’s Gabtoli

Four men were claimed to be detectives who had been arrested last night by police in Dhaka's Gabtoli. A Khilgaon-based DB team arrested them with a DB police uniform and a walkie talkie, a pistol, and a toy gun. DB Additional Commissioner AKM Hafiz Akhter spoke at a press conference today at DMP media center. Mamun Mondal Ali, Ahmed, Sumon Sheikh and Sumon Sheikh were arrested as members of a gang that extorted cash from people under false identities. According to the DB official, they learned about the gang when investigating a Rampura Police Station case on August 30 regarding snatching Tk 5.25 lakh. After he had borrowed Tk 5 Lakh from a Rampura bank, a group of people rescued Mosharraf Hossain. He said that they took the money and dropped him off at Narayanganj.

Limon, who lost leg in RAB shootout, gets married

Limon Hossain who lost his leg in the Rapid Action Battalion shootout, got married in Jashore on Friday. Rabeya Basri, a Naopara upazila from Abhaynagar district, is the bride. The ceremony was held at the bride's home on Friday. Limon, a Rajapur upazila in Jhalakati is now an assistant lecturer at the Savar Public University's law department. RAB had earlier shot Limon, a 16-year-old student at college, in the left leg as he traveled to return his cows home from Rajapur's Chhaturia village. After eight hours, he was taken to Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital Barisal. Limon was later transferred to the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, in the capital. His left leg was amputated just four days later. Limon's Gaye-Halud ceremony was held at his village of Jhalakahti, on Thursday. He asked for blessings from others on his new stage in life. Critics of Limon's accident in which he broke his leg while studying for the HSC exam were w

Justice Abdul Jabbar Khan’s 37th death anniversary today

After retirement, he joined politics and was elected president into the East Pakistan Muslim League in 1964. He afterwards combined the judiciary and has been created a High Court justice in the then East Pakistan. Abdul Jabbar Khan, also a former president of the East Pakistan Muslim League, died on April 23 in 1984 at his home at Gulshan in Dhaka, said a press release issued Thursday. Abdul Jabbar Khan afterwards became the speaker of the Pakistan national meeting in June 1965. He held the place till the promulgation of martial law in March 1969, according to the release. Even the 37th anniversary of the passing of Justice Abdul Jabbar Khan, a former speaker of the then Pakistan national meeting, will be observed with special prayer sessions today. He quit politics in 1969 and engaged himself in promoting education by establishing schools and madrassahs along with other social and welfare organisations. He had been born January 1, 1901 in his village house at Baherchar, Babuganj at B